Welcome to Ned Rek Enterprises.

Ned Rek Enterprises is a fictitious company owned and operated by Allan Johnston, a real person and graduate of the Engineering Design and Drafting Technology program at Lethbridge College in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Where does the name Ned Rek Enterprises come from?  It is in honour of my brother, Glenn Johnston (1965~2014).  There is no one actually named Ned Rek – or if there is, he is not affiliated with Ned Rek Enterprises at all.

My brother loved to create.  He built, altered, & drove 4×4 trucks and other machines, created things from wood and metal and any other material he could get his hands on, sketched amazing artwork of practically any design or purpose, and was an amazing chef.  He was also a red-neck.

He left behind a tall red tool cart with the words NED REK written on it in giant black Jiffy-Marker letters.  He didn’t just leave behind a tool cart.  He left a lasting impression on everyone he met.  If I could create half of what he could, I’d be happy.

So when the time came to create a logo for technical drawings in class, this just stuck.

By the way – he had an idea for a business called Train Wreck Industries.  He did wreck, break, wear out, sell, burn, or abandon a lot of what he created, but that was him.

I don’t know if Train Wreck would be a very convincing engineering company name though.  You think?  I went with Ned Rek Enterprises.